Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hop Shot Hop Extract - Tasting Notes

One of my single-hopped brews was made using Hop Shot hop extract. This is a CO2-extracted hop extract. It is essentially all the "good stuff" from hops with all the vegetative material removed. It still needs to be boiled to isomerize the alpha acids, and it also contains all the hop oils so it can (theoretically) be used for flavor and aroma as well.

I had no real way to gauge the oil content of the extract, so I simply used 40 IBU's worth as FWH, the rest of the syringe at flameout, and then a full syringe as dry hops. The smell of the extract reminded me a lot of "B-Hoppy" hop candies. Much like any other extract, the aroma is clearly hops, but it's not quite the same as smelling the real thing.

The aroma of the beer has citrus, and some dank earthy/oniony notes. The flavor is dank, herbal and resinous. There is some definite onion going on, but nothing like Summit. The onion is not the dominant note, and it doesn't have that real "savory" character that I got from the Summit. In general, I thought the flavor was a little flat for my tastes. I'll be saving this for bittering purposes only from now on.

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