Sunday, December 15, 2013

By Way of Introduction

Welcome to my new blog, The Hop Whisperer. I've jumped into the homebrewing hobby feet first over the past few years. In that time I've learned quite a bit of useful info through others, and more importantly, through my own experimentation. I plan on sharing what I can through this blog.

I've been an avid craft beer fan for the past two decades. I've spent quite a bit of time honing my palate (see my Critical Tastings blog for some of my tasting notes on commercial beers, as well as chocolate, coffee and a few other things), so picking up homebrewing was a natural extension of that. Honestly, even if I were never to brew another batch of beer, what I've learned from homebrewing has increased my appreciation of beer a hundredfold.

IPA's have long been one of my favorite beer styles, so I immediately started gravitating to hoppy styles when I started homebrewing. I've done a lot of experimenting with different hop varieties, "hopping up" styles that traditionally aren't quite so hop-forward, and pushing the boundaries of what would be considered sane hopping levels. But I'm not solely into hops. I also really enjoy the recipe design aspect of homebrewing, including recipes that fall outside the boundaries of the common beer styles. Hopefully, there will be a little something here for everyone, hophead or not.

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